Specialty Outdoor Equipment


Down time is a huge concern for commercial operators. It starts hurting the moment your equipment breaks, and we know that. At Specialty Outdoor Equipment, our repair shop is devoted to being ready when you get here. Although we can’t eliminate down time completely, we can certainly limit it. If the solution isn’t simple, we will provide you a loaner piece so that your down time is limited to just leaving and returning to the job site.

Specialty Outdoor Equipment is a focused, unique, commercial-driven dealership that is 100% dedicated to the support of our equipment. We service contractors throughout North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Specialty Outdoor Equipment is a certified Kholer, Walker Mowers warranty repair shop. However, we do service other brands as well. Please call or email us today and see if we can help you out.

Why us?

  • All potential parts in stock – not just belts, blades, etc.
  • Factory trained technicians for technical support and warranty.
  • Dedicated down-time loaner equipment, guaranteed.
  • Same day or next morning pre-route turnaround on repairs.
  • 7:00am (or earlier) opening times to start your day off right.

Service rate = $95 per hour

We also offer on-site repairs for an additional cost.